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Elrond Dev News ⚡️ - Newsletter #5

Razvan Statescu
Razvan Statescu
Hi 👋! I’m here with the 5th newsletter from the kingdom of Elrond Development. Hope you’ll find it useful & informative. Enjoy!

👷 Elrond's Dev Hub
This month we launched Elrond’s Dev Hub. It is a collection of essential resources for developers building on Elrond, from introductory articles to guides, tutorials, and examples to advanced articles and tools. Check it out right now, and contribute if you code on Elrond 🔥.
Introducing The Elrond Dev Hub: A Resource Trove For Developers Innovating At Internet-Scale · Elrond
To celebrate this and talk about the next steps, we had a Twitter spaces together with Beniamin Mincu 👇
Elrond Dev Hub launch | Fireside chat between Beniamin Mincu from Elrond Network & Razvan Statescu
Elrond Dev Hub launch | Fireside chat between Beniamin Mincu from Elrond Network & Razvan Statescu
The Elrond’s Dev Guild is a place where Elrond blockchain developers can collaborate and share their repositories & resources. The community is growing very nice, and people started to get involved 📈.
If you’re a developer interested in Elrond or if you’re already developing on Elrond, we invite you to check & join the guild 👨‍💻 More great stuff will come in the near future. 👀
Andrei Marinica
Expanding digital realms will be created at the intersection of scalable blockchain technology and captivating Web3 culture.
NFTs, identity and ownership open a new and exciting exploration space.
Weekly #elrondtech 🛠️
🛠 Open-Source tools
We at Elrond Giants, recently published the v2 of our NextJS dApp template, which is now using under the hood two NPM packages we created:
  • erdjs-auth - This library aims to make it easy to authenticate and sign transactions on the Elrond network. It offers a common interface for all auth providers.
  • erd-react-hooks - This is a library of React hooks built for the Elrond ecosystem. It aims to make it easy to authenticate, sign and send transactions, and query smart contracts.
GitHub - Elrond-Giants/erd-next-starter
That’s it for this week! You can always DM me on Twitter to provide feedback or ask questions.
See you soon! 🙏
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Razvan Statescu
Razvan Statescu @StatescuRazvan

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