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Elrond Dev News ⚡️ - Newsletter #4

Razvan Statescu
Razvan Statescu
Hi 👋! I’m here with the 4th newsletter from the kingdom of Elrond Development. Hope you’ll find it useful & informative. Enjoy!

Probably you’ve seen that last week I haven’t sent any newsletter. That is because I decided to send it twice a month, instead of every week. This way, I’ll bundle more valuable content in one newsletter.
🔥 Elrond Updates
Let’s start this newsletter by celebrating the fact that Elrond just crossed 50 million transactions. 🎉
Cristi Corcoveanu
Building anything worthwhile, and of value, is hard.

Challenges may inevitably arise. What defines us is our response to challenges.

As a team. As a community.

Weekly #elrondtech 🛠️
Lucian Mincu
Advanced models & technologies are available, ready to improve upon centuries-old economics, opaque derivatives & outdated platforms.

Bringing a new financial system: open, transparent, scalable & accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Get ready for DeFi 2.0

Weekly #elrondtech 🛠️
👷 Elrond's Dev Guild
The Elrond’s Dev Guild is a place where Elrond blockchain developers can collaborate and share their repositories & resources. The community is growing very nice and people started to get involved 📈.
If you’re a developer interested in Elrond or if you’re already developing on Elrond, we invite you to check & join the guild 👨‍💻 More great stuff will come in the near future. 👀
Something you can start with is this awesome-elrond-dev-resources repository or the Elrond Dev Scrolls.
Not sure if you heard about the Elrond’s Dev Hub until now, but the development is almost ready. Can’t wait to officially launch it, get feedback from you guys and help the next wave of developers start on the Elrond Network. 🌊
🛠 Open-Source tools
We, at Elrond Giants, recently published two more open-source NPM packages regarding auth providers:
  • erdjs-auth - This library aims to make it easy to authenticate and sign transactions on Elrond network. It offers a common interface for all auth providers.
  • erd-react-hooks - This is a library of React hooks built for the Elrond ecosystem. It aims to make it easy to authenticate, sign and send transactions, and query smart contracts.
Go and check out the Github repos to learn more about them, how to install & use them, and some practical examples.
Buildo Begins
Also, since our last newsletter Buildo Begins learned to do a lot of new stuff like send sft/nft/meta esdt tokens, issue esdt tokens, set/unset roles, mint/burn esdt tokens, pause/unpause tokens, assign a herotag to an address.
👀 Other ecosystem news
Bware Labs
🌐 Now you can access historical data on @ElrondNetwork by generating a dedicated endpoint through our API platform! There’s also a Public API option. Learn more about it here:

🧑‍💻 Keep #BUIDLing
#BwareLabs #Blast
EU Premiere: Web3 Decentralized Domains And Institutional NFT Marketplace Under Development By Romania’s ICI Bucharest Using Elrond Network Blockchain Technology · Elrond
The new gateway allows dApps to tap into the Elrond blockchain, starting at 60 requests per minute with no costs.
That’s it for this week! You can always DM me on Twitter to provide feedback or ask questions.
See you soon! 🙏
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Razvan Statescu
Razvan Statescu @StatescuRazvan

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