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By Razvan Statescu

Elrond Dev News ⚡️ - Newsletter #3





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Razvan Statescu
Razvan Statescu
Hi 👋! I’m here with the 3rd newsletter from the kingdom of Elrond Development. Hope you’ll find it useful & informative. Enjoy!

🔥 Elrond Updates
Adrian Dobrita
New features & optimizations are continuously making their way into the @ElrondNetwork protocol, with no compromise to security and robustness.
Thus Web3 innovation can happen uninterrupted and at scale.
Weekly #elrondtech 🛠️ https://t.co/t55N1SaY2r
  1. The Utrust UTK token has been added to the Elrond <> Ethereum bridge, which prompted updates to the oracle price aggregator component, to enhance precision and flexibility.
  2. The NFT related APIs have been upgraded to trigger an automatic metadata update for every smart-contract driven attributes update. There is now a dedicated endpoint for collections at account level.
  3. Added support for smart contract interactions in the public microservice template
  4. Continued research on new MEX economics & governance, stablecoins, and layer 2 scaling solutions
  5. Deployed the first iteration of the new Maiar DEX metrics service
  6. Started Audit with Runtime Verification on Lending SC
  7. Multisharded farm tests
  8. Improved the elasticsearch reindexer tool in order to bring optimizations to the reindexing process
  9. Released elrond-wasm 0.32.0, which provides the following new features: integration of the new VM EI, EI 1.2 endpoints; deterministic big floats; call value mechanism redesign; UniqueIdMapper & SparseArray, events in ABI; a new staking module
  10. Added NFT token definition in erdjs
  11. Further tests & fixes on the alpha version of the Stablecoin SC
And much more, read the full update on Adrian’s post 🚀
👷 Elrond's Dev Guild
The Elrond’s Dev Guild is a place where Elrond blockchain developers can collaborate and share their repositories & resources. The community is growing very nice and people started to get involved 📈.
If you’re a developer interested in Elrond or if you’re already developing on Elrond, we invite you to check & join the guild 👨‍💻 More great stuff will come in the near future. 👀
Something you can start with is this awesome-elrond-dev-resources repository or the Elrond Dev Scrolls.
🛠 Open-Source tools
Buildo Begins
You should definitely meet Buildo 👋. Buildo is a CLI tool started by Julian that should help you get started in the Elrond ecosystem with operations like:
  • Deriving PEM files
  • Making transactions
  • Deploying smart contracts
  • Common API interactions & filtering
  • And others…
Not all of the above are implemented yet, but I invite you to follow the project on Github and also check it out as it might be a very good learning resource.
GitHub - ElrondDevGuild/buildo-begins: Elrond blockchain CLI helper tools
📖 Good to read
An important event took place this week so you probably expect to find some more details about it here. I will let below a very good explanation from Arda that also includes two Github repositories so you can better understand what happened.
Arda (#EGLDforUkraine🇺🇦)
Arda breakdown of the WEGLD hack🥷

On June 5 at 10:04pm UTC, a hacker stole 1,650,000 EGLD.

Congratulations to the Elrond team that worked non-stop and successfully recovered all the funds.

But where did the hacker steal the EGLD? And how?

It is time for full explanations⬇️ https://t.co/LXrPluZHhF
That’s it for this week! You can always DM me on Twitter to provide feedback or ask questions.
See you next week! 🙏
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Razvan Statescu
Razvan Statescu @StatescuRazvan

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