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Elrond Dev News ⚡️ - Newsletter #2

Razvan Statescu
Razvan Statescu
Hi 👋! I’m here with the 2nd newsletter from the kingdom of Elrond Development. Hope you’ll find it useful & informative. Enjoy!

🔥 Elrond Updates
Sebastian Marian
Web3 technologies remove the need for trusting 3rd parties, putting more focus on fundamentals in play.

It's time to build. 🌎

Weekly #elrondtech 🛠️
  1. The Elrond <> Ethereum bridge has launched, marking an important milestone for connecting the Elrond ecosystem to Ethereum and other EVM compatible chains, thanks to the fully automated smart contract architecture and modular approach that enables tokens to be easily added.
  2. The Maiar Launchpad components have undergone a series of improvements, such as optimizations for the snapshotting process, enabling the option to use multiple KYC providers, improved caching strategies, and other optimizations for more efficient back-end management.
  3. The ESDT token standard is undergoing a series of upgrades that will ultimately lead to storage optimizations for metadata storage at the protocol level, which is important for enhancing the utility of NFTs in more advanced scenarios that require extended on-chain data.
  4. Created a new component completely responsible of the enable epochs config and started its integration
  5. update swagger docs
  6. Closures support for new promises
  7. Internal Maiar Exchange automatic deployment integration in DEX testing framework
  8. Delete account endpoint (on VM for now)
  9. Finished integration of latest managed APIs and new VM features into rc-june
  10. Made updates on feat/promises-final - change it to VM version v1.5 and fixed a set of issues and merge conflicts
And much more, read the full update on Sebastian’s post 🚀
👷 Elrond's Dev Guild
The Elrond’s Dev Guild is a place where Elrond blockchain developers can collaborate and share their repositories & resources. The community is growing very nice and people started to get involved 📈.
If you’re a developer interested in Elrond or if you’re already developing on Elrond, we invite you to check & join the guild 👨‍💻 More great stuff will come in the near future. 👀
🛠 Open-Source tools
NextJS dApp template
This is a dApp template based on Next.js and erdjs.
It offers authentication with Maiar App, Web Wallet, and Extension. It also includes methods to easily sign and make transactions, query smart contracts, and a few utility methods.
This template is used as a starting point for many of the Elrond Giants projects, so it’s very opinionated.
GitHub - NextJS dApp template
Projects using the template right now:
On Wednesday I asked on Twitter - “what are you working on right now?”. I was very excited to meet new builders and find out about new projects coming up on Elrond. I invite you to check the thread below and what the community is working on 👇
Razvan Statescu ⚡️
@ElrondNetwork Devs I’m curious - what are you working on right now? 👷⚡️

Drop it below (if you can, of course) 👇

Let’s build 🚀💯
📖 Good to read
Below you can find a very good and comprehensive article written by Julian about starting your journey as an Elrond Dev. He talks about how he started developing on Elrond, what you need to write smart contracts, build dApps and a collection of very useful dev resources at the end.
How to start with the Elrond blockchain development - Julian Ćwirko
That’s it for this week! You can always DM me on Twitter to provide feedback or ask questions.
See you next week! 🙏
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Razvan Statescu
Razvan Statescu @StatescuRazvan

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