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Elrond Dev News ⚡️ - Newsletter #1

Razvan Statescu
Razvan Statescu
Hi 👋! I’m here with the first newsletter from the kingdom of Elrond Development. Hope you’ll find it useful & informative. Enjoy!

🔥 Hot News
Beniamin Mincu 🔥🌓
UTK 2.0 engage: the @UTRUST token comes to @ElrondNetwork as native ESDT 🔥

A new growth chapter begins through the @MaiarExchange & broader Elrond DeFi ecosystem, as well as easy access to $UTK for 1 million @getMaiar users worldwide.
Beniamin Mincu 🔥🌓
BREAKING: The Ad Astra Portal is LIVE. 🔥

An @ElrondNetwork <> #Ethereum bridge bringing a leap in interoperability & performance for tokens, dApps & protocols.

Operated w/ @StakeCapital, @everstake_pool, @P2Pvalidator, @staking_agency, @IstariVision 👊
Cantina Royale Builds Web3 Entertainment For The Next Billion Gamers, Powered By Elrond Network And Strategic Investment From Elrond Research · Elrond
👷 Elrond's Dev Guild
The Elrond’s Dev Guild is a place where Elrond blockchain developers can collaborate and share their repositories & resources. The community responded very well and people already started to join & contribute 📈. We already have 6 repositories maintained by the community in the guild GitHub organization.
We’ve also made a curated list of smart contracts, SDKs, articles, etc that aims to provide you with the tools 🛠 you need to start developing on Elrond. It’s also very useful if you wish to research different open-source projects and learn from them.
GitHub - ElrondDevGuild/awesome-elrond-dev-resources: Smart contracts, SDKs, dev libraries, articles, tutorials, all other dev stuff.
If you’re a developer interested in Elrond or if you’re already developing on Elrond, we invite you to check & join the guild 👨‍💻
🛠 Open-Source tools
More and more useful tools are made for the Elrond ecosystem and the great thing is that they are made open-source. That’s a great learning resource for developers.
Elrond Bulk
@aledefralcoding & @TortugaStaking recently launched Elrond Bulk - a great tool where you can insert the list of transactions and send EGLD or ESDTs to thousands of wallets in seconds, without programming knowledge.
Below you can find the code for the Smart Contract used. 👇
GitHub - defralcoding/ElrondBulk
🎧 Good to watch
IN MINTEA LUI BENIAMIN MINCU | The Stakeborg Talks cu Vlad Mercori | S02 EP1
IN MINTEA LUI BENIAMIN MINCU | The Stakeborg Talks cu Vlad Mercori | S02 EP1
📖 Good to read
Below you can find a short article I wrote this week about how we do our weekly rewards distribution at Elrond Giants. We plan to develop a staking smart contract soon and adjust the flow but this is what we’re using right now and is working pretty well for us.
How we do our weekly tokens distribution | by Razvan Statescu | May, 2022 | Elrond Giants
That’s it for this week! You can always DM me on Twitter to provide feedback or ask questions.
See you next week!
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Razvan Statescu
Razvan Statescu @StatescuRazvan

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